FACILITY UPDATES – April 19th, 2019:

Come See The Hometown Gym That You Have Been Missing!  Locally Owned And Operated Since 1986!  No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, Private Access Gym, Various Membership Options, And 3 Free Personal Training Sessions To Get You Started!  Call To Setup Your Appointment For A Free Tour With The Owner!  See You In The Gym!


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4-5-19:  Tired of the same old packed, impersonal fitness centers only concerned with how many members they get through the door?  Sick of waiting for equipment to free up so you can finish your workout?  PULSE Fitness Urbana has 3 to 4 options of every type of movement.  3 sets of Dumbbells up to 35 lb, 2 sets of Dumbbells up to 85 lbs.  2 each of :  Incline to Flat, Flat, and Decline free benches.  2 Cable Lat Pull-Down Station, 2 Seated Row Cable Stations……2 Assisted Pull-up/ Assisted Dip Stations one with resistance up to 300lbs!  Resistance Bands – 5 different tensions.  Bosu Balls, Exercise Balls, Steps, Jump Ropes, Heavy Ropes, Slam Balls, Kettle Bells, Foam Rollers…….20+ pieces of Cardio Equipment……Private Changing Rooms……. Restrooms both for men and women on separate sides of the fitness center……a 40′ x 40′ Group Fitness Classroom open to all members for wide open space to do your own custom workout.  A smaller private gym that treats every member to the same personal attention.  Come Join Our Gym Family…..Call to setup a free tour with the owner!

THE SAVAGE RACE 2019!  Our Team – PULSE Misfits – Join our team for The Savage Race 2019!  We are doing the first wave @ 9:20 AM.  Weekly Sunday Fun Runs to get our bodies ready for the challenge!  Checkout the FaceBook page for event updates!  All fitness levels are welcome to join the Sunday Fun Run – Walk, Jog, Run, Ride a Bike, Skip….Just get outside with the PULSE Fitness Family for one hour of activity!  See You Outside The Gym Every Sunday!

4-5-19  TRX Sessions  for April – Wednesday is TRX-FIT Day!  I am running the Level 2 sessions on Wednesdays: 5:00-6:00 AM.  Niki is back for February for TRX Evening Session on Thursdays @ 6PM!  The hour long sessions are geared to accomplish 3 things – Build Expertise on the Core TRX Suspension Trainer Movements, Develop Core Strength + Stability, Learning Movement Progressions!  We progress as a class, so you must purchase your spot for the entire month:  members – $20 per month, non-members – $40 per month.   I am happy to add more Level 1 sessions as need if we can get a new group together, I want everyone to have an opportunity to have access to this new platform!  Reach out to me if you are interested or have more questions!

Weekday Evening Cardio Mix Up Classes Every Monday @ 6:00 PM + Saturday Mornings @ 8:00 AM ….. Niki has the Group Classroom Rocking!  Contact the gym for The Up To Date Schedule!  What a great opportunity to start your day right!  If you are interested in joining these sessions, please contact Eric @ the gym.

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Blair aka “The Fitness Guru” Stinson is teaching the Step Aerobics/ Core – Group Class every Tuesday @ 6:00 PM!  The class is open to all Members and Non-Members.  Members price is $3.00 per class, and Non-Members price is $5.00 just Drop-In and pay only for the classes you take!  Space is limited to the first 18 participants so please Call Ahead so that we can add your name to the list!  Just bring your workout clothes, lots of enthusiasm, and be ready to work!

  • Due to Popular Demand – “Bring A Workout Buddy” – will continue in 2019!  Members can bring in a friend to workout for FREE!  (See Eric for details)  Don’t know a member…..give us a call so that we can invite you in to see what we offer!
  • Any Full Time Students – Must be 18 years old or join with an adult – pay only $25 a month!  Save your money for school and workout here at our gym! 
  • Do You teach Group Fitness Classes?  Are you looking for a space to hold your sessions?  Give me a call @ the gym!

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Monday – Friday: 4:30 am – 9 pm

Saturday: 5 am – 3 pm

Sunday: 5 am – 1 pm

                                                Note: Doors lock one hour before closing time.

Group Classes available see the Group Classes Page, so make time to stop in to see what you have been missing in your workout routine!  See You In The Gym!        


  1. Jodi says:

    Do you do weight loss personal training? Need to change but need a coach to keep me accountable and give me exact workout I should be doing wanting to change my body and life style

    • Hello Jodie! Thank You for your inquiry. I work with every new client that comes into the facility, and I help get you going no charge! My approach is simple and I work with you to make sure we get you to your goals. If that is weight loss, or accountability or a new program that is why I am here. My name is Eric Baldwin, and I am the owner. I would like to have you into the gym for a free tour and get a chance to meet you. Just give me a call @ 937-653-2348. I look forward to meeting you!

  2. Tyler says:

    Hello my name is Tyler and I’m active duty army and will be on leave from the 29th of June through the 5th of July. I’ll be visiting my parents in Urbana and was wondering how much it would cost to be able to use your facilities for myself, my wife and my sister all coming from FL. Thank you for your time and response

    • Thank You for your inquiry Tyler, I do offer week passes for extended family of members, and guests traveling into the Urbana area. I am a smaller private access gym so it is on a case by case basis. Reach out to me via Facebook or just feel free to call me @ 937-653-2348 so that I can go over the options for you and your family. Talk to you soon!

  3. Trent says:

    Looking for a personal trainer to help build muscle mass but was wondering bout the cost of membership and personal trainer

    • Hey Trent! Somehow I missed your comment! The cost for membership is listed on the membership tab, and personal training cost depends on what you are looking for. Program writing, One on One Personal Training, or Group Training. As far as packing on some mass, gaining weight is easy, gaining the right kind of weight takes effort and preparation! If you would like to setup an appointment just contact me @ 937-653-2348, or email the gym via the FaceBook page! Thank You for your interest, look forward to talking with you more!

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